Custom classses for Enmterprise Broker


we have created some custome classes which we calls from Integration component built into VI. I have placed these classes into folder C:\active41\classes.
But if I make any changes in my class and recompile it new version of the class is not picked-up by broker at runtime. For that I have to restart the broker. But while delpoying into production broker we dont want to stop broker. Is there any other way so that broker picks-up these classes at runtime.


Have you tried just restarting the adapter related to the integration component that needs the classes?

I’ve encountered the same scenario with Doc Type Editor / plugins. In 4.11 you have an option in the plugin to use BI blueprint or Custom Class. If I make changes and re-stage the class file, and adapter is restarted, the class path for that event is lost.
Is this the correct way to apply the change?