Cumulocity And Integration Server


This section explains on how to integrate Cumulocity and Integration Server.

Products need to be installed:

  • CloudStreams Server
  • Integration Server
  • Designer:  Eclipse and CloudStreams Development, Service Development (And other development perspectives if required)

External IS Package to be deployed:

Steps to follow:

  1. Start IS server.
  2. Login to IS and Deploy WmCumulocityProvider package.
  3. In IS admin console, under Solutions, click on CloudStreams…
  4. Under CloudStreams page, under Providers section click on Cumulocity.
  5. Click on Cumulocity link present on RHS.
  6. Click on configure new connection.
  7. Provide following details:
    1. Package: Provide any desired package name.
    2. Folder Name: Any folder name.
    3. Connection Name: Any desired connection name.
    4. Server URL:  Your Cumulocity Tenant url.
    5. Authentication: Your basic  authentication provided for Cumulocity.
    6. Authorization Type:  Basic
    7. Rest leave as it is and Save it.
  8. Start Designer and switch to Service Development perspective.
  9. Expand package which you provided in step 7.a
  10. Right click on newly created folder and select New-> Cloud Connector Service, provide element name, click Next,  select Cumulocity from table, click next, select available connection pools(which you mentioned in step 7.b, 7.c), click Next, select any available Services (which you want to monitor on cumulocity), click Finish.
  11. Service will be opened in new tab, click on edit button of Resource Description and select an operation (REST resource you want the cloud connector service to process) and click on finish.
  12. Save it.
  13.  Now run the service created in above step (if required with parameters).
  14. Should see the output in Results tab.


  • Better to create separate Cumulocity connections for different tenants and users.
  • Also preferred to create separate Cloud Connector Services for different operations in step 10.