CSQ in JMS Connection

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While creating JMS connection alias I have configured Maximum CSQ Size as unlimited.

Now when I will send message to JMS queue using built in service pub.jms.send and if UM is down at the same time then that message will be in CSQ? And once UM is up will it available in queue ? can anyone please let me know? One more thing I did not sent any value in useCSQ field which is the input field for pub.jms.send service.


Yes - your understanding is correct. Messages published while UM is down are held in the CSQ until the connection is restored and then they are automatically resent.
Please check the default value of the useCSQ in the Built in Services Guide.

Hi Jonathan,

Default value is false. So will it not be stored in CSQ means message will be lost ?

No. If useCSQ = true, then the pub.jms:send will always succeed, with messages going to CSQ if the connection to UM is down.
If useCSQ = false, then the pub.jms:send will fail immediately with an exception if the connection with UM is down. The Flow code calling pub.jms:end then has to handle that exception to avoid data loss.

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Hi Jonathan,

Message will go in CSQ in both below cases if useCSQ = true

  1. JMS connection is disable

  2. UM server is down

Correct me If I am wrong.

If the JMS alias is disabled then it will not go to CSQ.
If the Alias is enabled and the UM server is down the it will.

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