CRM WebService [NTLM]

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our company has decide to change Microsoft CRM Dynamics WebService Authentification; the new Authentification will be NTLM-Auth (today it is simple Authentification). CRM has provide us a WebService, that means, that we want to consume their Services.

We are using webMethods 8.22 (installed on Win 2008).

Can anyone please tell me how to call WS using NTLM auth from webmethods?

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Iftikhar Ahmad

Did they provided you WSDLs to consume from webMethods WSD and have you tried invoking it and seeing any issues? If you are on simple authentication it should work unless you have any firewall/ACL side aspects.


you need to enable WmWin32 package and run the wm.ntlm:reg service before using NTLM auth.

check detail at: Administering webMethods Integration Server Version 8.2

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