Creating SQL Schema


I successfully connected to my SQL store as DBA/dba. Now I’d like to create a schema: trying to connect by using SQLint failed. I also tried to create the schema by using the Tamino manager tool, but I can’t find where to define a schema

Can somebody point me to the Tamino documentation where it’s described. I couldn’t find it.

Any suggestions? Thanks, rene

In your Tamino Interactive interface there is a define option just click browse and point to your file and click Define. Hope this helps

For defining SQL tables you will have to use the ‘sqlint’ utility. The Tamino Manager SQL Catalog is really a view of the current SQL schemata that have been defined.

For using SQL you need a licence file that allows it.

For help on ‘sqlint’ there is a PDF file in …\Tamino\Help\Print\sqlint.pdf. This explains btw that sqlint.exe is not installed unless you use ‘custom’ install.

Once in sqlint you can connect to the Tamino database with:


From this point you should be able to define schemata, tables etc.

Oh, btw the Tamino Interactive Interface only allows schema’s defined for the XML repository and not the SQL repository.