Creating Rules in MWS


I need to create a rule in MWS to send an alert for MQ connections.

Pleae let me know the process of this.

Have you already found the answer for this? It’s not all that difficult. If info still needed let me know.

please let me know the process.

In MWS navigate to Admin>Analytic s>Rules. Click Create Rule tab. Give the rule a name like Doc publish excessive, give a description and assign a severity. Select a rule type. This one would be a KPI. Check enabled and if you want human interaction to resolve click sticky. Now you’ll need to define the rule expression. An example would be:
Interval before true:1
Expression: Simple Expression
Operland: KPI value
Catagory" Broker
KPI: BrokerStats.numEventsPublishedByBroker
alue: Reading Value
Comparator:Greater then
Operland: Number
Value: 5

Click save and now you’ve created a rule. You can have a notification sent of brokern and create a Prediction for future events off this rule. :smiley:

what’s the KPI value for MQ connections??

How to write a service once , MQ connection failed?? Means Suppose if one of the MQ connection fails , It automatically trigger the service and connection has to enabled.Because we already having the service for enable the connections.

Thanks for your replies



Did you find the way to enabling the MQ Connections using BAM?
Let me know if you you are not find.

-V S Pachica.


I didn’t get the way to enable.Plese let me know if you know.