Creating New Case from an Existing Case


I have a very unique requirement in AgileApps. I hope somebody out there might have done already or have an idea that can be shared with me.

We have developed an AgileApps Workflow process where Faculty has to get approval from certain no. people before the Class is available for teaching. In this process once the Case is submitted and approved from AgileApps, the Class gets created in Student Information System for enrolling and teaching for Students and Faculty. But in the meantime there could be several changes that could happen to this CASE.

What I would like to happen is to take this old case, edit, modify all the necessary changes and create a NEW Case from the existing old case.

Has anybody done something like this and can anybody would give me an idea how we can accomplish this requirement?

Thanks in Advance,

Hi Priyatham,

We can create a new case (or any other object) record on update of an existing case-record by creating a Business Rule (Event rules):

a) Create an event business rule with Updated option
b) Provide execution criteria, whether a new record should be created on update of any case record without any
    condition [b]or[/b] choose some condition for that 
c) Choose Action as 'Add Record' and Cases as object (other object can also be chosen) where the new record
    should be created, copy or map the field of old case-record to the new case record. You can enter some static 
    values as well

 Note: Please follow the attached screenshot & the wiki link for more info.
 Wiki Link: