creating duplicate document under the publishable document in webMethods 7.1.2


we are creating a custom flow service in wM7.1.2 version, that service is exposes as web service to the target system.

in the flow service, based on input data, write a validation logic and map to the publishable document. but we check the service at run time, it creates the duplicate documents and fields under the publishable document.

we did re-map and create new flow service on it, but we got the same problem.

the publishable document contains the string fields and timestamps fields.we did the transformation perfectly and map the fields correctly. but we got the same problem.

Some one, could you please help us to resolve this issue?, is their any fix is required to resolve this issue?



Seems its a coding issue. Recheck the mapping. Ensure all the unused variables are dropped. Just step though the service and check the variables.

I do not think you need to apply any fix for this.

Let us know how you resolved this.


If you can, post an image of the mapping being done. Perhaps someone can see the issue.

refresh the session in developer and re check the mapping once again. it should be mapping issue.