Creating Custom IDOC Template from SAP

I have problem in converting idoc string to idoc record.

I am using “wm.b2b.edi:createIDOCtemplate” service to create a template for custom IDOC from SAP as I need this template to pass while calling flat to hierarchy service. While doing this I am getting a template with different segments then what I am expecting. If I compare template segments with actual SAP IDOC.dtd fields non of them are matching expect EDI_DC segment. I found slight difference in all segments…for example expecting IDOC segment in template is Z1SVK01 but I am getting Z2SVK01…so on

I have tried alternative way to convert idoc string to structure using “” service, even this service doesn’t understand idoc string what I am passing.

We are sure idoc string is valid and able to pass same idoc string to SAP through other EDI application via ALE interface.

Can any one please help me to get correct IDOC template from SAP for given message type.