Creating common package


firstly , i will explain my problem

i want to create a special plugin in designer , this plugin help me to copy a predefined common package that has common services which help me to use this common services in any new service which i will generate it .

what i did?
1- i develop a new plugin and added it to designer plugin is developed by (Java).
2- this plugin help me to create a package file structure.
3- but when i go to designer i couldn’t see the package which i created.

what i want to know?
i want know is this valid in integration server to create package using file system without using designer tool.

if it valid , there is any tutorial to help me to continue this task?

best regards
software developer
Ahmed Elsahy

Hi Ahmed,

are you creating the manifest.v3 file, the pub/index.html file and the node.idf files (for each directory below ns/ dir)?

New packages need to be activated to get loaded into the server namespace to be available for upcoming usage.
There should be an internal API for that (probaly in the WmRoot package).