creating cluster in my local and trying to post a message from a flow service in webmethod

Hello Everybody
I am facing an issue while publishing message to a clustered queue. I have followed below steps. Please let me know what i have missed.

1- Created an extra realm (umserver9001) in my local using ninstancemanager create umserver9001 RS 9001 command.
2- Created a connection Factory in default realm (umserver) and i could see it is reflecting in umserver9001 realm as well.
3- Created a cluster and added both realms to it.
4- Created a cluster queue (TESTFFM) and i could see it is reflecting in both realms
5- Created a JNDI Provider alias in Integration server and connected to UM and given URL to both realms

6- then created a JMS Connection Alias using the above JNDI Provider and used the same connection factory (created above in UMserver)
7- JMS connection alias set to enabled.
8 - Now i have created a flow service and used JMS:Send step to publish the message to the queue and used above JNDI Connection alias and sending to TESTFFM queue.

I am getting below error

Root exception is javax.naming.NamingException: Name not found during lookup for TESTFFM

firstly, can you check that your JNDI namespace is correctly clustered?
Check in Enterprise Manager in the navigator on the left that you see a little circular ‘C’ badge on the channel called naming/defaultContext on both nodes.
Also, how did you create the queue? It sounds like you only created the queue in the navigator and didn’t create the associated JNDI entry. The best way to create a queue that you plan to use with JMS is from the JNDI tab of a realm. If you add the queue there, it will create the JNDI entry and the queue itself (with appropriate settings).
While you can later add just the JNDI entry, I would recommend you delete the queue you create it, and then recreate it again from the JNDI tab - to be sure you have the right settings.


Hi Jonathan,

Need your clarification on creating the JNDI objects via UM EM. I always prefer doing this from the JNDI tab and not from navigator panel, could you please let us know why do we have an option to the user to create the queues/topics from the navigator panel (can this be disabled) or do we have any particular reason for this. Please provide your comments.

UM can be used for non-JMS messaging (and is used for that by many customers), and in those cases you don’t use JNDI at all, but you still need a way to create queues and channels. Hence the core UM assets (queues/channels) are created in the navigator (with all the possible options for a wide variety of use-cases). The JNDI tab is used for creating the JNDI destinations and connection factories, and as a convenience we also create the actual queue/channel with the JMS-relevant settings.

Thanks Jonathan for quick reply. I am able to Publish/Receive from Queue created from JNDI tab.