Creating canonical document with header and details

As a continuation of the training exercises I was trying to fully populate the OrderUDM document. This document has 3 header fields that need to be populated from src_orders table and 4 detail fields that need to be populated as an array of detail records from the src_order_details table. I tried adding src_order_details table to the insert notification tables, but this does not work. Can somebody tell me how to populate one document from 2 tables using insert notification?




I’m not familliar with your trainging exercise, but I can give you some guideance here.

The easiest way to do this is probably to create a SELECT configured operation for your detail lines. The detail table presumably have a foriegn key that refers to the main orders table. So when your notification configured operation fires, you’ll have all you need to feed the SELECT. Then you can combine the results of both the select step and the notification to send your UDM.

– Ted

Hi Ted.

Thanks a lot. That worked perfectly. One more doubt though. An insert notification gets triggered everytime a record is inserted in a table. Thus if 100 records are inserted this creates 100 records. Is there any way (using basic notification for example) that I can batch the 100 record inserts into ONE document instead of creating 100 documents?

Would really appreciate your thoughts on this.

Best Regards


Hi Shrikanth,

Did you get any tips regarding your last query(generating 1 document for 100 inserts). If yes can you please share it with me.

Thanks and regards