Creating a TPA

I want to create a TPA between two partners.
I am using cXML(Bussiness document).Defined the TPA with required parametrs.I’ve given the fully qualified path of the document(which contain all the info. like type,content type,delivery method,request MDN…),at IS Documnet Type field.
But i did not understand where the processing rule use this info.? and do we need to hard code the values in the flow service
Please any body can help me?

Custom TPAs would be used only by your services. TN won’t use them for anything.

The idea is that your services (mapping or custom delivery) would read the TPA at the appropriate time to set values in a target document or to control delivery/processing. Your services will need to call the TPA services to retrieve the appropriate TPA.

Hope this helps get you started.

Thank you …