Creating a positional file in Wm 6.1

Hello, we were trying to move the creation of a positional file from Wm 4.6 to Wm 6.1. At wm 4.6 we were using stringToDocument to create it and xml for the template, but now we don´t know where put the xml template to create the file, maybe there is a new way to create those kind of files.

Please any help will be useful

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PS: attached you can find the template to create the positional file at wm 4.6
finningTemplate.xml (2.55 KB)


In IS6.1 using WmFlatFile Adapter in the Developer you can build directly FFDictionary/Schema (select Fixedlength or Delimiter) option either will work for positional flatfiles.

Once you build the FFSchema there are 2 core services in the WmFlatFile for handling flatfiles process,
flatfile:convertToValues(parses ff data)
flatfile:convertToString(creates ff datastring)

Also wM PS team provided template migration utility (a package) from 4.6 to 6.1 which can convert old templates notation to new FF Schema’s.May be you can see in Advantage site or contact your wm sales rep to get this utility.

Please go thru the ISFlatFileSchemaGuide.pdf for new FFSchema generation.


Thank you RMG, this works perfect for me.

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