creating a document type froma schema referencing OAGIS 8.0


A couple of years ago we created document types using the IEC CIM model which referenced OAG schemas. When we converted to 6.1, wM was not compatable with this type of schema so wM provided a customized OAG package that we could use in place of the standard OAG folder filled with the OAG schemas. This worked fine. Now I need to make an enhancement to the schema and reimpot it onto a 6.5 IS. I found that the wM customized OAG folder for 61 does not work with 65. I went out to the advantage website and found that they have a file that they ask you to download and import into your 6.5 developer in order to be able to impor these schemas. However I need a OAG file that I can put in my local drive with the schema that I want to import into IS. If I extract the files from this file it contains a bunch of .ndf files and it is not the same struture as the old 61 wm OAG file.

I did what they suggested and imported the zip file to my IS, but I still received the same error and was unable to import the schemas. It is complaining about the OAG Fields.xsd file

Does anyone have any experience with this issue?


What is the error.