creatig a collection in X-Plorer

I want to create a new collection in a database with X-Plorer: Step 1: I am connecting without any problem to a database: in the properties pane the tag connected is shown. Step 2: With the File->New Collection the ‘Create new collection’ window is shown. I am entering a name for the new collection (no blanks) and confirming with the ‘create’ button. An error message dispays: Database Connection 'The connection to the database is no longer available. The database will be disconnected. Failure updating the session stat: 68->, 372820411 > ’ When closing the error message the tag in the properties pane changes to disconnected. I am not able to create a new collection via X-Plore. Is there maybe a problem with the Java configuration on my machine? (WindowsXP Pro SP2) Has anybody an idea about my problem? Regards, Michel

Hi Michel,
which version of the X-Plorer are you using. It works fine for me with 4.4.

Hi Gerald,

Many thanks for your answer to my post.
Well, I am using the version of th X-plorer.
Do you have any informations on how to upgrade to the 4.4 version?

Thank you very much in advance for any info.