CreateEnvelopeFromRecord or createEnvelopeFromString

I’m trying to use one of the above services without success. I’m using WmMarketConnect version 3.1 Build 208521. The error message is always the same: com.inqmy.lib.xml.parser.ParserException: Doc element /Order[1] is not declared in schema. (row:-1, col:-2)
Here is how i’m trying to call both services:

  1. createEnvelopeFromString
    1.1) documentString: “<?soxtype>
    <orderheader>… etc”
    1.2) envelopeHeader
    1.2.1) senderId: the senderId Info
    1.2.2) recipientId: the recipientId Info
    1.2.3) documentType: Order
    1.2.1) requestMode: peer-peer

  2. createEnvelopeFromRecord
    2.1) envelopeHeader: same Info as above
    2.2) boundNode: I’m passing a document like this:
    OrderHeader… etc

In both examples, Order is always a document, not a documentList (as I’ve thought at first.

Any help would be greaaatly appreciated!