Create releases

what are the different forms in which we can deploy our flow services?

I think this sums up the ways to deploy a package to another wm environment:

  1. Manual Deployment (Export from developer and move to replicate/inbound dir and Import from IS Admin console)

  2. Publish/Subscribe packages from IS Admin Console and import from IS Admin Console

  3. Use WmDeployer

Their are different ways to deploy the packages as aditya said. but if you want to release a particular flow service in the package we can you use the methods pubilish and the release of the particular service by patch selection.

You can also archive a package from IS Administrator. Once you archive a package it comes into the outbound folder in replicate folder inside IS Directory.

Is there any way of sending the packages to “Outbound” directory through service.i.e, any specific service is there?

I dont think so thier is a separate service for bringing the package into outbound. Check services in WmPublic(package) >>Package (folder) thier are six services lick activate,disable,enable,install,recover,reload …services.

Need to write custom java service ///