Create Flat File Schema and Dictionary

Hello Folks.

I am developing an interface that will recieve XMl message from Detstination1 through HTTPs and then the serive converts that XML message to CSV flat file and push via FTP to Detstination2

i have a fixed XML message format. and i have the DTD created for it and the XSD

the question is: i don’t want to create the Flat File Schmea and Ditctionary manually…and in the documentation i read that i can creat it Schema and Dictionary from XML…but i really didn’t figure out how to do that.
i prefare to save time and have a servie that will create all the Schemas and dictrionaries needed from the XML message format that i have

can anybody please tell me step by step how to do that ? (maybe using pub.flatFile.generate:saveXMLAsFFDictionary and
pub.flatFile.generate:saveXMLasFFSchema ??

please if someone can tell me step by step what is the best way to have this done…it would be highrly appreciated


In the process of creation Falt File the FaltFile Dictionary is created by defining the structure of XML. which is provided during the desing time. If you have been provided with the file then u can directly mention in th Flat File Dictionary can create the strucuture of the XML. If there is no specification of the File then U need to create the strucutre in the Dictionary By your self, assuming structure of the XML and declearing the Strcuture for the Flat File…
Any more doubts Follow the FlatFIle Developer Guide

I do not think you can create a Flat File Schema or Dictionary, from some arbitrary XML file/schema/dtd.

The guide refers to an XML file which basically defines the structure and definition of a FlatFile schema, and this file is all together different than what you are expecting to use.

does that mean that i have to create the schema and the dictonarty Manually ??

According to Developer we can create the using the wm.flatfile generate dictionary. But in the real world practise, that package is not prefeerble as the dictionary we develope can be used at multiple instances…

So after all…everybody recommends to create the dictionary and the schema manually in developer ?
i though there must be away that i can programatically craete them from my xml message format… because the schema is nothing but a structural way of discribing the flat file…and if i supply the xml message and then extract it’s structure somehow and then have it a flat file schema !!!
isn’t this duable ??

The schema you have describes your custom xml data file and has nothing to do with a flatfile definition. The XML that the FF auto-generation services are looking for is an XML defining the FlatFile structure. This input XML file, for example, should have details about delimiters, record length etc.,

Run the service, pub.flatFile.generate:getFFSchemaAsXML, by giving it a sample FF schema name and analyze the output XML file, and you will see what i mean.