Create Excel sheet

HI All,
I have to create DSP page in that i have to set a hyperlink which will generate excel sheet of data as displayed in dsp page so that it can be stored in local pc can anyone help me out as how to do this.

you can generate the output as CSV file, which can be opened by excel direct.

I have to do the same thing. Anymore details on how to do this?

Already managed to use convertToString to create the stringList with the required output.

How do I get the DSP page to have a link that opens directly into Excel?


It is impossible to force a client to use Excel for any particular content type. But, as long as the content-type and content-disposition of the response is set properly, it is likely that Excel will be used to view the content.

A content-type of application/ will indicate that the response is Excel data. A content-disposition header should use a filename extension that is typically associated with Excel on Windows machines. Both are need since IE often ignores the content-type and uses the filename extension to determine which application to use.

You don’t want a string list. You’ll want one string. Probably the right thing to do is convert the string list to a string, using line terminators to separate each item in the list. Since you’ll be returning a string, you can use pub.flow:setResponse to set the response content and headers.

If you find you want/need to return bytes, refer to [URL] for a Java service that may work for you.