Create another FUSER

Hello fellows,
I would like to know How can I define or create another FUSER system file on the Unix platform? The things is that I already have an FUSER created by the installation steps so I would like to define another FUSER because of separate Develop/Test environment to Production environment.

Thanks in Advanced


Try these steps:

  1. create a new directory structure on the file system, parallel to the original FUSER e.g. $SAG/nat/fuser/test and ensure the permissions are the same as the original
  2. Go into Natparm/Configuration/Global Configuration File/System Files and add the new path with a unique DBID and FNR
  3. create a new Natparm that points to the new FUSER system file above. You should then be able to use this Natparm to create natural libraries and natural programs underneath this FUSER.

Good luck!

Thank you very much!!!