Flushing FUSER


How can I flush the FUSER so that each time I run the program it will pick the right object module.

I.E. I have a program and I am working on this module frequently. Sometimes, the old version of the program is getting executed.

I used to use a command in my previous shop. that was completely shop specific.
Is there anything to flush the FUSER?
Secondly, is ti possible look inside the FUSER or in otherwards whatelse we can do with FUSER. ( I want to have a good idea of FUSER)


Start with some definitions.

The FUSER is a file containing your source and object modules. You don’t want to flush your FUSER.

When you RUN a program, you compile-and-go, so it would be impossible to pick up an old version. You execute a compiled object - the result of a CATalog or STOW of a source module.

All objects are executed from Natural’s Buffer Pool. Typically, any older version of a module is cleared from the Buffer Pool when that module is CATaloged or STOWed. You can run into trouble if you CAT/STOW in one environment (Buffer Pool) and execute in another (with a separate Buffer Pool). Things can become more complicated with a combination of Local and Global Buffer Pools.

Look at the documentation for SYSBPM (Buffer Pool Manager) for directions on how to clear a Buffer Pool entry. Also look at the Natural parameter BPSFI.

Thank you very much Ralph for throwing some light on the topic