Create a package

Hello everybody,
my name is dennis and I am beginning to use web methods.
My question:
I want to create a new package to copy an existing package.
There are no services yet, so I have to programme it on my own.
Is there anybody outside who allready programmed such a service?

Thank you for your help.

Don’t care about my english. :slight_smile: Sorry

Hi, dennis.

Can you explain more about what you are trying to accomplish? Are you trying to copy the contents of one package into another package?

Thanks for taking the time to explain it more clearly.

Hi Dan,
yes that is what I mean.
As first step I want to create a new package and then I want to copy the contents of another package into the new one.
It doesn’t matter if it’s realised in one ore two steps.
The target is to make different Version of one package.

Thank you for your help. :slight_smile:


There are some complications with any approach that copies the contents of a package for use in another package on the same server.

All of the objects contained within the package are identified by a unique namespace. If you create a new package and copy the contents of an existing package to the new package, you will be duplicating the namespace identifiers of the objects in the original package. This is a bad thing… and the IS server will not allow you to load or execute the objects of the new package.

What you might do instead is create a package, create a unique root folder in that package, then copy the existing objects of the original package into your new unique root folder. They will be nested one layer deeper than in the original, but they will be unique in the namespace.

This is easily done at the OS level, but tougher to manage through a flow service. Does it have to be a service that performs this action? (If so, why? This doesn’t sound to me like something that should be repeated often.)

we created a package that handles the transformation of informationen from one company-system into sap R3.
In future it could be that we want to connect also other systems to SAP.
Then we would have to copy the first package and change some data (names, etc.).
If a service would copy the package we could automate these datachanges. → less errors.
Because of these changes won’t be repeated very often, the risk of making mistakes (forget changes,…) would be high.

Create a new package and new folders and just copy all the flows from the old package to the new one.
This should work.

You might consider the maintenance implications of “cloning” a package for different partners. If your package needs to be updated or fixed due to a bug, you’ll be faced with making the change in multiple places. Perhaps you can restructure things to be table or config file driven.


i am looking for this Service:
but i can not find in my IS-Developer.
Have someonen one Idea, Hoe can I get this Service
wm:appendStringListToStringTable form PSUtilities
Thanks for every tip

PSUtilities is from webMethods professional services, and can be downloaded from the Advantage website.