create a new instance

Hello Everyone,

I want to create a new instance to run multiple IS at the same time.

Please tell me the steps for configuring it.


wM version?

Read the chap. Running Multiple Integration Server Instances from IS Administration guide and look for Integration Server_directory\instances\is_instance.bat/sh


It still holds good. Kindly read and you must be able to create multiple IS instances.

As per instructions i have created a new IS instance on port 7171 on linux machine but its not started.

help me out

wM Version?

I am using 9.9 version and no error in logs


Take a look at the logs it says your license key is invalid or expired. Also check the below points

  • Every port number on each server instance must be unique
    -Before creating additional server instances, check your system resources and your Software AG license.
  • Go to IS_directory/instances folder and execute the script the correct place holders
is_instance.bat/sh create

-Start the Integration Server instance by running the startup.bat/sh file located in the Software AG_directory \profiles\IS_instance_name \bin directory.

Follow this steps and you must be able to fix your issue. If not post here with more details either me or other experts might suggest you something.

After doing all the stuffs you did mention in your post ,when i am trying to start instance ,i get PID but instance is not started and again i run script to start instance again i get new PID so i am not able to start instance.
Attached server logs. Please check

Do you have sufficient storage on your Linux box?
Also do you have any running instances of 9.9 server?
Using embedded db or external?

Attach the server.log file

I have sufficient storage on linux box.
Yes ,i have another running instance on 9.9 server on port 8888.

I am guessing probably JDBC URL is not provided properly while instance creation.

Check the URL in \IntegrationServer\instances<instance_name>\config\jdbc\pool

While you run the script is_instance.bat/sh create make sure you pass the correct parameters. I would suggest you to copy the params from the running instance and modify accordingly.

Its better to delete the instance that you created and start freshly.

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now its working.

Thank you mahesh and Venkata for helping me.