Could not move source file to working directory

I created a filepolling,but it alerts error shows that "could not move source file XXX.xml to working directory .and the File Name Filter I set is “*.xml” and File Polling Interval (seconds) is setted as 5,I want to why it alert the error and how to solve it ,anybody knows?

What is mentioned in the Content Type in your file polling port.

Can you attach the screen shot here?

I have not specified Content Type [/img],and I have attached the screen shot,please refer.

Try text/xml and retest.

Any good luck? :slight_smile:

:roll: I am testing and any result I will reply to you.

I have set Content Type as ‘text/xml’,but it does not work, it still alerts the error.

It was a bad weekend for me :frowning:

Can you share the inputs of your processing service. Make sure you have a object with name ffdata.

Did you see issue with file permissions. Please check permissions on FS. Is this in Linux or Windows ?


this is processing service,the file permissions is OK,and it is in Linux.


A few things:

  1. Can you paste the exact error message here?

  2. Moving the file to the working directory is one of the very first things the file polling port will do, before it even executes your service, so this error should not be related to your code. I know you checked, but file permissions are definitely the most likely culprit so please check again and make sure that the user under which the IS is running has read/write to all the folders involved (monitoring, working, error, and done). Also make sure that user has read/write to the file itself which is causing the error.

  3. Even though the error does not appear to be related to your service, I do see an issue with your service. When it comes to file polling ports, the processing service does NOT have to call getFile or do the conversions you’re doing. The File Polling port will take care of giving your service what it needs. In your case, since you’re dealing with an XML file, your service should receive as input an XML node variable named “node”. To confirm, add a savePipeline step to the beginning of your service and then use restorePipeline to see what is being passed in as input.


This issue have been solved,sorry I reply late.that is because the file filepolling has been created on two Integration Server,so it alerts error when the two filepolling read file the we have disable the filepolling on one Integration Server,then that is OK.

Thanks for updating the forum.