COuld not create webservice using WSDL

I attached three files:test2.wsdl,simple.xsd testHttp.wsdl

test2.wsdl imports simple.xsd: I am trying to create a webservice using wm 7.1 I.but the developer throws file was not found exception.
If I include everthing in the wsdl file it works fine.

  1. testHttp.wsdl: I am getting “Document does not contain any operations,” error.

Does webMethods support http?

These wsdl are creading using RAD 6.1:

simple.xsd (518 Bytes)
test2.wsdl (1.79 KB)
testHttp.wsdl (1.36 KB)

For 1) I have the same problem, I applied the latest fix from WM on top of 7.1.1 and got further, but now I am getting a null pointer exception. I have a request open with WM to resolve as the same WSDL loads fine in IS 6.1.