Copying user customizations after an upgrade

After upgrading to a new version of Natural Studio on Windows, we copy the Prof<user>.PRU file forward to pick up things specified via the Options dialog.

How can things specified via the Customize dialog, such as keyboard shortcuts, be copied forward?


My client had implemented Natural for Windows on 40 PCs over the course of several years, so we considered the upgrade to 6.3.3 an opportunity to standardize Studio. We created a customized Studio environment on one machine to be copied to the 40 developer machines as each was upgraded.

We copied our generic PRU to each machine and renamed it there. We also copied the NATPARM.SAG and NATCONF.CFG files.

We found the remaining customizations in the Windows Registry. Look for a node named

Our attempts to export and import these entries were not very successful. The import worked fine during our testing, but during the roll-out, some developers could no longer invoke Natural, others had various problems with Windows. We decided on the safe approach and implemented these customizations manually, one machine at a time, instead of using the Registry entries. We never revisited the issue, so never resolved the cause of the problem. Perhaps it was our lack of knowledge of the Registry.

At the beginning of this process we contacted Software AG, hoping to find a method to modify the Natural Installation process such that the installed Studio would have our customizations. SAG recommended the submission of a Change/Enhancement Request - a reasonable suggestion, but we couldn’t wait.