Copying a cataloged natural object to a Dataset

Hi Again,
I have to copy cataloged natural objects from development region to a dataset so that they can be sent to a printer.
Could someone help me out in the smartest way to do so.

As of now I am thinking of using an user exit to read the object in buffer and then writting it to the Dataset.

Please let me know in case any other better method is available.


Hi Atul,
Why ?!
If you have SPOD you can use that to print sources.

And I don’t think I know one single Natural/MF installation here in the Nordics that doesn’t already have a print-utility - even with formatting of sources !

  • often implemented similar to what you suggest.

So - may I ask - what is the problem you are working on ?

May be i shud be more specific. I want to have some 100 odd programs in a word document. So the idea is to have the programs in a dataset then download it into a document.

Do you have Entire Connection? Trivial to download programs.