copy/paste bug in WM TN 7

So I came across a weird bug today that no one else in my office is experiencing…

when I copy the content of a document in trading networks into notepad an extra carriage return is addeded to a line of wrapped text… however, there is no actual carriage return there… what is going on here?

We suspect it could be a windows bug, but no one is for sure… has anyone seen this?

I guess it’s not really all that important, but it would be interesting to figure out what is going on here…

Thanks! :smiley:

Not a bug. Most editors, including Notepad, have a max line length that they can support. If the chunk of data that is pasted into the editor doesn’t have a line break before the max line limit is reached, the editor will insert one. Notepad’s limit is 1024. Some editors will warn you. Others do not. Try Wordpad. Or Notepad++ which is a free editor with no line length limit.

Actually, I was using notepad++, and if you press view showend of line you can actually see where the carriage returns are. As I said before, my coworkers are using the same setup but are not getting the carriage return… Iteresting eh? maybe a windows thing?

Is your coworkers also copy/pasted from TNConsole and see diff behaviour? As said it could be windows thing…


Perhaps JVM differences on different users machines when running TN Console?

My co-workers do not have the copy/paste problem, only I do

I checked the java versions on both my and my coworkers machines and it looks like my coworker has java 1.3.1 and I have 1.5.0 . . .