Copy Java Source to an another Package

Hello everyone,

I would like to know the steps to copy a Java Service (Package A)to an another Package (Package B).
The problem is that I don’t know where to put the classe of my Java Service in the destination folder. I know that it’s in “packages\myPackageName\code\classes” but when I compile my service that uses this java service, it doesn’t find. I’ve got the following alert:

symbol : variable NSNodeHelper

location: class Capgemini_Test_Module

    IData data = NSNodeHelper.getNodeInfo(nsname);


1 error

Thank you for your answers. If you want more explanations, tell me, I’ll try to explain my problem clearer.

Hi Chacha,
After copying the NSNodeHelper.class to the destination packages\myPackageName\code\classes" , did you reload the package myPackageName?

On a side note: You can directly invoke the Java service getNodeInfo in PkgA from any other Java service in other packageB without moving the class file to PackageB.


Hi bsingh,
Thank you for your answer. Yes I’ve already reload the package with the java class added. In fact I want this class in a specific package because this one will be loaded in different IS Server. In this way I will have to load one package instead of loading different packages.

Hi Chacha,
Did you also import this class NSNodeHelper in the java serviceB in PkgB?

No that’s the problem. If you want, I’ve added the link to the package that contains the service that I want to copy:
It’s a WM package: WM Doc. I want the copy of java service ‘getNodeData’ in a different package. In its java source, the imports don’t indicate a link to NSNodeHelper that’s my problem. I don’t know how WM do the link.

In this I see that the NSNodeHelper.class exists in packages\WmDoc\code\classes\pub\doc

That’s right but this class is not in the “imports” of the java service “pub.doc.ui.getNodeData”

Do you know how WM find this class. Is there a WM class loader specific?

I found the solution.
Tips: Put the source code of the selected service in a jar and save it in the folder:

Thank you bsingh for your answers. :wink:

That’s certainly an answer but not the greatest. Everyone gets so wrapped up in Java code that they forget that Integration Server uses other files to define services. The easiest way to move a service from one package to another is to use Developer to copy/paste or drag/drop the service. This will move all the files, including the node.ndf file (which defines the service) that you apparently have been missing.

If you must move things at the file level by hand, you’ll want a better understanding of the files involved before doing so.