copy file from remote to remote server in webmethods 9.7

Can you please help me with the code/any service we use in webmethods designer 9.7 to copy the files within remote server in SFTP.

I tried pub.client.sftp:rename service, but it just moves the file, did not copy the file.

Any one can help me know how to copy the file using SFTP from remote to remote server.

Hi Poorvi,

what about getting the source and putting to the target?

But this might not be right use case for this scenario.


Hi Holger,

Thank you for replying.

but that cannot be the scenario, since we are trying to copy the file and not send/move the file.

As per my search i did not get any built in service. we can create a java service for copying the file from remote to remote server but I am searching if we can do it without creating any java service and using any existing built in service for the same.


In 9.9 you don’t have a copy service in pub.client.sftp.

At most, you have a symlink but that does not seem to cover your needs (does not create a hard link).

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