SFTP: Move files to another folder and rename

Hi community,

I want to move files to backup folder on remote side after download them by the SFTP server.

That means:

  1. There is a file named test.txt and a folder named backup in remote folder.
  2. Get test.txt to my local folder.
  3. Move test.txt to backup folder and rename it as test.txt.ok.

However, there is only pub.client.sftp:rename, no copy or moveFile function.

Does anyone have any suggestion or help for that?


Hi Maggie,

according to IS Built-In-Services Reference this should be possible with rename service:

Set oldPath to “test.txt” and newPath to “backup/test.txt.ok” in this case.



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Hi @Holger_von_Thomsen ,

! It is working now!
Thank you for your help.

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