Copy failed on WM Sample Flow


I downloaded a sample flow from WM advantage site. When I run the ‘Main’ flow service there isn´t any error message on the Developer console, but in the logs I see:

[ISC.0050.0019V2] Copy failed: No source data available: to=/divideResult, from=/receivedDocument

My guess is that the package name is missing. to=packname/divideResult… Am I right?


which sample flow are you running?

The name of the file I downloaded is

One more thing… I had the same problem with another flow.

Copy failed: No source data available: to=/inputdocument

Probably the doc is empty…

Did you make sure that sample package loaded successfully??Also make sure that you are passing inputs as required by the flow for properly executing…Instead of running the flow directly, Just debug (F7) flow step by step and see where exactly it is failing you should find the rootcause…



The package is full loaded, no errors.

1 Step MAP Constants ok
2 Step pub.flow:debugLog


CONST_NOTFOUND Result was not received

Any ideas?

This is normal. In map step, if some of the source values are missing in the runtime, the server log will put the entries to the server log file as long as your log level >= 4. The source values may not always be there in there in runtime, though you put a map link line there.

I know, but this is the problem… they aren´t missing!!

so how are u providing inputs to this service ?

an window that asks for input data…

I had to remove and reinstall the package… probably an stupid error… It´s perfect now…