Copy an installation from one Linux to another?

I have installed the 7.1.3 on a linux server (Linux 1), and we are using mssql for the database component. Now I need to install 7.1.3 on another linux (Linux 2).

Can I just copy the directories from the Linux 1 to Linux 2? And after copying, run the database component configurator on Linux 2 by changing the sql server parameter adn “create” the db again?




You can copy installation from one server to another server. If you are connecting to different DB, then you will have to run the scripts on that DB and point this server to those new DB (by starting server in safeboot initially).
There are few more things you will need to take care, like:

Delete dispatch.cnf file and re-do broker setting.
If server belongs to different cluster (which appears to be the case due to new DB), change cluster settings.
Clear logs and audit/data directories, WMRepository directories


Thanks Jay, will give it a try.