Cookies & Session support in SagHttpGateway

Dear all,

I would like to know whether SagHttpGateway in Mediator 7.3 preserve Cookies & session ?


Hi Tony,

There is no specific support for cookies in the HttpGateway. However you can access and manipulate the HTTP headers for cookies in your sequence. When a site wishes to set a cookie there will be an HTTP header in the response that Mediator will save as a message property, e.g. xbd.http.response.Set-Cookie = JSESSIONID=354FF9EB1667A69FDF65E53D47D47D04; Path=/slide

You can save this value in another property, e.g.

Later, you can return the same cookie value to the other site by setting “xbd.http.request.Cookie” to that value on or before the next HttpGateway step, e.g.

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Dear Mike,

Thanks ! Your info definitely helps.