SagHttpGateway parameters

does someone have a link where i could found more explanations about the SagHttpGateway query parameter.

thanks per advance

antoine, software ag france

Hi Antoine,
As I understand it, the “query” parameter allows you to set values for arbitrary URL query parameters. So if you want to set a value for url query parameter “a” you would assign Property “xbd.http.query.a” a value like “avalue”.
For a clearer example, the URL to this page in the forum is
The query portion of this URL (after the ?)contains 5 name/value pairs. They are:

  • a=tpc
  • s=153292895
  • f=7672974124
  • m=9852993527
  • r=9852993527

So to create this same URL with the SagHttpGateway I would set parameters
“xbd.http.query.a” with the value of “tpc”,
“xbd.http.query.s” with the value of “153292895”, and so on.
Does this help?

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