Converting XML into a useable document

I am loking for easy way to convert the following XML into a useable document without
having to loop over every item in the KEYVALUE segment. The following is a small sample
of what I am trying to convert. Does anyone have an idea on a simple method to do this?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> Root 0 genus Pallet Product Type Pallet Product Type Root 0 string Sales Unit Gross Weight Plain Sales Unit Gross Weight Plain Root 0 string Display Sets Display Sets genus Display Sets Display Sets Pallet Product Type PL Sales Unit Gross Weight Plain 22.984

Hi Albert,

You can load this document as an XML node using the built-in services in webMethods Integration Server 6.x (e.g. pub.xml:xmlStringToXmlNode) - which means you can convert it to a document using xmlNodeToDocument, or extract parts of it using queryXMLNode. So, I assume that getting the document data in to webMethods Integration Server is not the problem.

You mention that you want to make the document “usable” without having to loop over each element in the KEYVALUE array.

It’s hard to know exactly what you are trying to achieve - perhaps you could provide a bit more detail as to what a “usable” form of the document would look like (compared to the form that the document is currently in)? What sort of processing do you need to do on the data?

Also, you mention that the sample data is a “portion” of what you want to process. How large might a real document be? i.e. Do you need to consider large document handling?


Steve Ovens
webMethods Professional Services
Melbourne, Australia