Converting Word Docs to PDF in wM


Looking for some suggestions/ideas on converting word/power point documents into PDF files within the wM environment. I have gone through as many discussions I could find on converting to pdf files and heeded to the advice of using the PDFCreator as a quick and realiable way of converting documents (closest one I found was ‘Writing PDF Files in webMethods’).

But prior to calling upon PDFCreator (which I believe uses iText; iText FAQ mentions it does not support this type of conversion) here is the basic flow that the document will follow -

  1. Data (word/power point files) stored in a DB as BLOB
  2. Adapter extracts this data, encodes it in base64 and presents it in a XML
  3. Built-in base64 data decoder decodes the files (tested the flow this far and seems to be working fine).
  4. Once the data is decoded I am trying to figure out how to convert it to PDF.
  5. I can utilize the PDFCreator (probably ‘pdf.file:bytesToFile’) service once the conversion is successful.

Step 4 above is where I would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions.


Take a look at Shareware section there is a package that can create PDF files using open source library.