Converting JavalangString to NUM

Hi ,

Basically i am mapping the Database ResultSet to an BAPI fields.
All are getting mapped , but i am getting an Exception at run time as below.,

Count not run the service
‘getAllLineItems’.–> MY SERVICE NAME…$ConversionException:Cannot
convert value of ‘10’ from java.lang.String to NUM
at field PREQ_ITEM

I tried by Converting each fields thro’s MAP Transformer using the ‘pub.string.numberFormat’ , but i got an Error which mentions that
‘Elements can not be converted through Map Transformer’ inside an Record List.

Any valuable suggestion.


Instead of using map transformer,just directly invoke the service
‘pub.string.numberFormat’,since you might be using this under the loop inside a map step,its so weared that this exception will fire some times only,but dont know the exact reason…