Convert Process XML in Designer

I’ve exported process models as XML format. Now, i want to import these models in Designer. Is there a way to do that from Designer? Any help would greatly appreciated.



Where did you generate your process? Is it in BPEL format or XPDL?
If its in XPDL format, Designer 7.1.1 does not support this format.

If its in BPEL format and you created this process in another modelling tool then you can try your luck as this is supported but not all components of the process would be uploaded.


But, in September/2008 Software AG has announced the release of version 7.1.2 which supports XPDL but with some limitations. I am going to the pain of learning those limitations and my first try did not work as expected. I will have to open a SR in order to try to get some answers. The complete article with the webMethods 7.1.2 release can be found at:


Try your luck and let us know how it goes…and about those limitations found in your digging process.