Convert object to document

When I run it returns an object which looks like a string containing a document structure:

[>>>BasicData:RuleName=EANCOM DESADV93A,RuleDescription=Processes EANCOM DESADV93A documents…

I think it’s just a document having a identity crisis, but how to convert this to a real document? I bet there’s a very easy trick for this. ( webMethods 6.0.1)


This service will just returns all the TN Processing Rules (Results Output:rules/contents (object).list of all TN PRules)

I am not sure what you are looking for and what is the point of converting object to Document using this scenario.

Can you elaborate more on your requirement?



The service returns a very long string containing key=value pairs, and some kind of structure with >>> and <<< as separators. I’ve heard once that it is very easy to convert this into a document, and that it actually is a representation of a document. But whatever I do, I cannot convert this string into a document (without using flat file parsing).


did you try this approach:

xml string to xml node to xml document ??


Still i am sure what you are trying to accomplishing using that output once you convert to a document.

Any way try above mentioned approach.

hi Jasen,
i am fasing the same problem.can you please tell me how you resolved itthanks in advance


Yemi Bedu