Convert com.wm.lang.xml.document type of node into XML Strin

Hi All,

Our webmethod server receive com.wm.lang.xml.document from another webmethod server.The partner webmethod server use pub.client.http service to send XML.The input parameter used by http service is of type string,Which as I understand goes as body of http response.I would like to get the XML string out of com.wm.lang.xml.document node.
In com.wm.lang.xml.document node we are getting Spl. characters like %&+?"’<<<>>>\ in the form of (%&+?"’<>) .When we use documentToRecord,It encodes the characters back to (%&+?"’); .We do not want this to happen as after documnetToRecord,we call other webmethods functions like recordToDocument,queryDocument which generates error due to presence of & and tag character .

Now what we want is to pass (%&+?"’<>) to all webmethos functions,Instead of encoded XML as this will not cause these services to fail.

I tried creating my own java service by using ObjectOutputStream,InputStream,StringBuffer,ByteArrayBufferStream.But nuthing seems to have worked.

As I mention above we do receive document from another integration server within the same trusted network,but this server use pub.client.http to post document and NOT remote invoke .

Pls. let me know if you need more information as this is bit urgent.

Thanks for your Interest and time!!

You can get the original XML string from the document Object by sending it to pub.web:queryDocument with an