Convert Canonical BLOB to BrokerEvent


I am working on a project, where we are extracting the Canonical document stored in WMDocument Table in the Blob format and want to convert it into a BrokerEvent type or dtf type.

We are using Java API’s. To what i understand is

  1. Canonical BLOBS are nothing but IData types.
  2. Canonicals ublished on broker are BrokerEvent types.

Can anybody help me how to convert the IData to BrokerEvent?

It will be of great help.


Are you trying to do it from an IS Flow Service?

Try read the Blob as a byte array . Convert the byte array to string, convert the string to XML Node, XML Node to document and you will have it as the wbMethods Document type. you can always use this to convert to IData

Thanks a lot Giridhar. Really sorry for the late reply.

I have managed to convert the Blob to IData -

However I have used the service - MonitorUtil.convertByteArrayToIData.

Now I have a Idata Object with me and would want to convert this to a BrokerEvent type. Is there any way to do so?