Conversion error on Client

We encounter an error

10146974: FQTDSWA 1060 NAT6974 Conversion error on Client, reason 7 ,000.Lib=FIRTDDEA,Pgm=FIRTDDEA

Both FIRTDDEA and FQTDSWA are Natural subprograms executed in a Natural RPC servers via Entire X broker on mainframe.

FIRTDDEA is triggerred from a client (.Net client) via Entire X runtime.

FQTDSWA(CALLNAT by FIRTDDEA) is trying to make a remote RPC call (from Natural RPC server) to a .Net RPC server via Entire X as well.

My question is could a Natural subprogram running in a RPC server, act as a RPC client to connect to a remote .Net server?

Please help. :frowning:

It is possible for a Natural subprogram that is executed on a Natural RPC server to act as an RPC client.
In your case you have to increase the value for RPCSIZE on the Natural RPC server side to fulfill the additional storage requirements for the client.
For testing I recommend to double the value.
With Natural RPC versions NAT425 and above the RPCSIZE will internally be increased on demand.