Conversion and Beautification


I have just started to convert Natural Reporting mode programs to structured mode using NEE531. After the conversion, I see there is no indentation in the converted program, despite the original program being well written and nicely indented (which helps in understanding the programmer’s logic and thought processes). Yes, after the conversion I can execute the ‘beautification’ option (after specifying the indent options) and it seems to work reasonally well.

My question is, can’t indentation happen during the conversion, or am I right to assume that the sequence of events outlined above, is the only way to go.

Thank you
John Lingwood

I support you on the request for automatic indentation (STRUCT) as part of the mode conversion. It annoys me too to have this manualy must-do-task after every conversion. On my last request for this I got the impression that NEE will not be enhanced with this option, but if more users agree, maybe the developers listen :slight_smile:

Development has received it.