Controlling the type of security on documents received by the wmEDIINTreceive service

I am working on my first implementation of an EDIINT solution, and I ran into a question regarding enforcing the security type of an EDIINT document coming into TN via the wm.EDIINT:receive through an HTTP connection.

The security I’m refering to is the type, which can be:


I want to enforce that any documents sent to Trading Networks are signedAndEncrypted. If something is received as “plain”, I do not want to process it and go to error processing.

I have looked into a number of things, and haven’t found an answer. The things I have looked at are:

  1. Extended Fields for the EDI documents. There is a signature field, but it is always null, regardless if the document is signed or unsigned.

  2. The pipeline within the service a processing rule calls tied to the doctype for the EDI document. I didn’t see anything that told me the state of the EDIINT document.

Any help or ideas would be appreciated!