Control transaction in flow service

Hi all experts,

Now i meet a problem bellow.
I have 2 flow services.
Service A update about 200 records in database.
Service B update record No.1 in 200 records that service B updating.
When service A update record No.1, system automatic call service B to update record No.1.

  But because of service B must wait till service A completed(service A has locked record No1) so sometime service B is time out.

Now i want to update flow service A so that it can commit transaction and unlock record No1. as soon as it finishes update record No1. Currently, after it finishes update 200 records, it unlocks record No.1.

Now i am using JDBC Adapter 6.5. So can anybody give me the way to control transaction in flow service?. i have try to use and but it seem wrong.

Please help.

Thanks you.


startTransaction and commitTransaction are the correct services to use…did u check if the transaction name is the same when both these services are called…You might want give the transaction name as an input to both these services, though I believe its an optional field…