Control inbound and processing threads...

We are trying to investigate some performance settings and I would like to get some ideas/suggestions for the following scenario.

  1. We are looking at increasing the number of inbound threads (throughput) to our IS server. We don’t want any HTTP post inbounds to time-out or get any errors. We want to accept as many inbound requests as possible.

  2. We want to have the IS process these requests at a slower throughput. Have fewer threads for the processing of these msgs.

Essentially, we want to have high inbound throughput (have more threads for accepting inbound requests) but when we process these msgs, it is OK to have them process a little slower or less throughput (have less threads allocated for processing the msgs).


The IS has 10K session limit and so it will accept any inbound HTTP session untill it reaches this limit.

If the inbound HTTP request invokes a IS service, then there is max. server thread setting called watt.server.threadPool in the server.cnf file. You can set it to 200 or so.

This setting defines the maximum number of threads that the IS maintains in the thread pool that it uses to run services. If this maximum number is reached, the server will wait until the running services complete before it runs any more service.

Keep in mind that if your partner posts large document while making this HTTP connection, your IS will go out-of-memory while processing them much before reaching the max no of 200 concurrent processing threads.