Content tab in TN empty

I was having some problems with validation and things, but I got thru those, so now after I run a routeXML and get a big EDI interchange to TN, I have no errors in ‘hasError’ or ‘errorArray’.

but now when I look in TN, I see the document got into TN, and it kicked off the correct processing rule, but it can’t deliver because:

[ISS.0086.9198] Missing content or filename

and the Content tab shows nothing. any ideas?

Hi All,

We are facing the same problem in 6.5 version.

Actually the problem is: our partner sending the files to our wM 6.5 version, and it hits to our webMethods also. But getting this error: [ISS.0086.9198] Missing content or filename.

We are having this problem from 19th.

Temporary Action took: we have stop the server and install the packages from the backup. Its working for 3 to 4 days, again having the same problem.

Could some one please help me in this …

What kind of file is that? Did you check with partner to make sure that they were not changing the content type of the file?