Content Handler with com.wm.lang.xml.Document

I have run into an issue integrating and system that has been in production for something like 15 years and no one knows anything about it now and it works so well no one will touch it. The problem is this system will send me an http post of some XML-ish type content with a custom content type in the http header. So wrote a content handler to process this data and with a little work I was able to turn it the contents into well-formed XML. And now, I would like to have my content handler basically mirror the behavior of the webMethods XML content handler and returning a node object of type com.wm.lang.xml.Document. Now the question, what do I need to do to create the xml Document object?

I can have the data stored as byte, ByteArrayOutputStream, or String and need to create the com.wm.lang.xml.Document object and put in the Values object.

Any thoughts?

If you can have the bytes are stream of data then you can use pub.xml:xmlStringToXmlNode. The mapping can be, if you have

  1. xml String then map to xmldata
  2. bytes then map to $filedata
  3. stream then map to $filestream
    Invoke xmlNodeToDocument to get the IS document for the data.